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Audio Effektpaket Windows

25 effects for optimizing audio samples and producing special audio effects: Chorus, DeHummer, Delay, Dynamic, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Hall, Harmonic, MaxVolume, NoiseGate, Normalize, Phaser, Phono Convert, PitchShift, Radio, Retro, Reverb, Robotize, Speed, Sway, Telephony, TimeChange, TimeStretch, Tone Control, Tremolo, Vibrato

Preis 119,00 €

Columbus 3

With Columbus you can create an animated course of your traveling route. 3D objects and video scenes can complement the moving maps.

Preis 149,00 €

Motion 3D XL 1

Motion 3D XL Pack 1 provides you with a very large selection of spatially animated scene movements

Preis 99,00 €

Motion 3D XL 2

Motion 3D XL Pack 2 provides you with a very large selection of spatially animated scene movements

Preis 99,00 €

Particle Magic

Generate varoius particles from black/white masks or animates scenes. One of the most powerful special effect packages for BogartSE.

Preis 129,00 €

Video Effektpaket 5

A collection of 8x transitions and 2x image processing effects: Blinds, Bump, Diag, Fog, Ripples, Shockzoom, Split Screen2, Streaks, Sunbeams

Preis 44,90 €

Video Effektpaket 6

This package contains 6x image processing and 8x transition effects: Motion blur, Shift HUE, Solarize, Starlight, Tilebrick, Roll up, Double wipe, Sine wipe, Gyrate, Up and down, Sever, Moving lines, Stripwipe, Border

Preis 44,90 €

Video Effektpaket 7

This Effect pack contains the following 8x image processing and transition effects: Bouncer 2, Blur, Dye, Film 2, Glow, Hotspot, Rotate, Underwater

Preis 59,90 €

Video Effektpaket 8

This effect pack contains 13 effects, 8 image-processing effects and 5 transition effects: Black border, Blurred spot, Cine converter, Circle wipe 2, Drunken man, Frame swap, Heatwave, Rotate 2, Shift fade, Statue, Tunnel, Tunnel 2, Zoom fade

Preis 59,90 €